About us

This institution would be set to run by Sri Venkateswara Educational Trust.

Sri Venkateswara Educational Trust is a non-governmental organization started to develop education through various promotional activities.

The objectives are to promote education in all its aspects. And, the trust shall be for the benefits irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

The office of the trust is situated at:

Pudhupatti Post,
Pappireddipatti Taluk,
Dharmapuri District,
Tamilnadu - 636905.

The following is the list of trustees:

  • Mr G. Prabhakaran (Chairman)
  • Mr G.P. Elavarasan (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr P. Thennarasau (Treasurer)
  • Mrs P. Saraswathi (Secretary)

The Correspondent, Coordinator and Principal are of the feeling that growth of technology can lead to prosperity, wishing that a strong foundation will help the growing buds to develop their all-round personality. This inspiration paved the way for the birth of this College of Education.

Sri Venkateswara College of Education gives all the possible coaching and improves Micro and Macro teaching skills. It conducts Citizenship Training Camp, Teaching practice, Sports Activities, Educational Tour and Field Trip.

The students of our institution are imparted not only Education but also training to develop various skills. For this noble cause seminars, conferences and workshops are conducted by inviting skilled persons.

The college has a dedicated team of teachers and a well stacked library, Educational Technology lab, communication lab, computer lab and psychology lab for the upliftment of the students. Transport facility is provided from all the areas. Separate Hostel facility is provided to both Men and Women teacher trainers. Nutritious and hygienic food is provided.

The prime mission of the Institution is to promote the features of Education, Discipline, Service mind, Patriotism and Social commitment and create teachers for the future society.

Rules & Regulations for Students

  • The working hours of the College are 7 hours per day.
  • During the working hours of the college, the student's teachers must be punctual and by the first stroke of the bell they must be seated in their classes.
  • Those who come late must attend the class only after getting permission from the Principal.
  • Leave should not be taken without the Principal's permission.
  • There must be 85% of attendance for the student's teachers during the academic year. Those who fall short of the above specified attendance will not be entitled to appear for the University Examination.
  • Student Teachers must compulsorily wear identity cards in the college campus and they must come with neat uniforms.
  • During the training period, students should abide by the rules and regulations of the Government as well as the college and the concerned teaching practice school.
  • Meetings and discussions among students are not allowed inside the campus.
  • Cell phone use is strictly banned inside the campus.
  • Due respect must be paid to the Principal, Asst. Professors and office staff.
  • The values of truth, justice, honesty, love and help must be learnt and practiced.
  • Student teacher must silently prepare the lessons for the next class during the class hours and intervals between periods.
  • The practice of learning the lessons taught everyday by the teacher must be developed and the doubts in subjects must be cleared then and there.
  • When the students go for teaching practice to another school, they should realize their duties and responsibilities and act according to the rules.
  • Student's teacher must go silently in line at the assembly, laboratory and playground.
  • Students should see the circulars and instructions in the notice board without fail. No reasons are accepted for the consequences of not seeing the notice board.
  • Students may inform their problems and demands to the principal in writing through the Suggestion Box.
  • Classroom is a sacred place which teaches nature's knowledge, power and moral values. So classrooms must be promoted.
  • The midterm tests and public Exams conducted for the benefit of the student teachers must be taken up with responsibility and the academic standard must be promoted.
  • Students who indulge in 'Ragging' will be immediately dismissed from the college.